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Who are Australia’s best charities?

Ever wondered if your donation is really making a difference?

We have undertaken due diligence on well-known Australian charities so you know who is most effective and who is not. We ask the right questions to help you understand what each charity does, how they use their money, and the results they achieve. We want you to feel good about giving.

We provide a donation recommendation for each charity based on whether the charity demonstrates it is trustworthy and effective at achieving its mission. We provide one of three recommendations:

  • Do not donate - the charity does not demonstrate basic indicators of trustworthiness or effectiveness. We cannot verify that donations are used to deliver on their mission.

  • Donate - the charity demonstrates they are likely to be trustworthy and present some indicators of effectiveness. Donations are likely to be used to deliver on their mission.

  • Donate with confidence - the charity demonstrates they are both trustworthy and effective. We have confidence that donations are used are used to deliver on their mission.

Our recommendation is based on a comprehensive review of each charity’s Annual Report, Financial Report, Constitution, amongst other information published on their website. Here's more on our approach.

The Good Cause Co. is the first organisation to offer completely independent and unbiased reviews of Australian charities. Our mission is to help you feel good about giving.

Get started by reading our summary, Who are Australia’s Best and Worst Charities?”, or browse a selection of charity reviews below.

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