Charity evaluations discontinued in 2019

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We are constantly in a process of curating our list of charities. We want to provide a variety of charity options, but also believe that it is important to keep the list concise. Our ultimate goal is to help you find a charity that you can support with confidence.

There are over 55,000 registered charities in Australia. A decision that we make on a daily basis is: which charities do we evaluate? Each evaluation is comprehensive and takes a considerable amount of time. We believe that this effort is worthwhile if it helps our readers feel better about where they donate their money.

If a charity review page gets plenty of views, we believe it is providing value to our readers. If nobody is looking at a charity review page, we take that as a signal that the work is not particularly useful.

So, which charities do we evaluate? We review the list at two stages in the year:

  • From March to June, we update recommendations for all popular charity reviews in our list and discontinue charities that haven’t seen sufficient interest.

  • From Nov-Dec we add a selection of new charities to the list.

With that context in mind, until further notice, the following charities will no longer be featured on our website:

If you have any charity recommendations that you would like us to consider, please contact us.