Which disability charity should I donate to?

Right now in Australia it’s tough being a disability charity. The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has meant huge disruptions to the way disability charities are funded and how they operate. Who demonstrates that they will use your donation to further improve the lives of those with disabilities, beyond what is provided by the government? The Good Cause Co. have evaluated some of Australia’s largest disability charities to help answer this question.

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Which emergency services charity should I donate to?

In Australia, we're lucky enough to have access to high quality emergency assistance, no matter where we are. However, providing these services is not easy or cheap. So, who should you donate to if you want to ensure that this quality of emergency service continues across Australia? The Good Cause Co. has evaluated some of Australia’s largest emergency services to help answer this question.

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Which international development charity should I donate to?

There are people in many parts of the world who suffer unimaginable hardships. This is often a result of birthplace, and other circumstances outside of their control. We often wonder how we can help; how do we know which charities actually help pull these people out of poverty? The Good Cause Co. has evaluated nine of Australia’s largest international development charities to help answer this question.

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New charities added to our list of Australia’s best and worst charities

We want to make it easy for you to feel good about giving this Christmas, so we’ve been working hard to find even more great quality charities for you to donate to.

We are excited to have identified several new charities that we believe that you should donate to with confidence. These charities demonstrate that they use your money strategically to achieve great outcomes. In our “Donate with confidence” category we add:

We are less excited to have also come across a number of charities that we don’t think you should donate to. These charities do not demonstrate that money is used for intended purposes. In our “Do not donate” category we now have:

In our search, we have also come across a number of charities that are okay; they demonstrate some good qualities, but need to provide more information for us to have complete confidence in them. New charities that now sit in our “Donate” category are:

For our complete list of Australia’s best and worst charities, click here.

New charities added 7 December 2018 by sector are:


International aid

Children’s Health


Mental Health



Which charity is the best at supporting the elderly?

There is a genuine concern about the quality and safety of care for our elderly.

Recently, the federal government received over 5,000 submissions from aged care consumers, families, carers, aged care workers, health professionals and providers following a call for the Terms of Reference for the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.*

The final report is due no later than 30 April 2020. There is no certainty over when or if any recommendations will be implemented.

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Who are Australia’s best and worst charities?

We often have doubts when giving to charity. The Good Cause Co. have critically evaluated over 50 of Australia’s largest and most well recognised charities to help resolve those doubts. Finally! We now know which charities are really helping those in need. We also know which charities we should avoid until they show they can do better.

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Which veteran charity should I give to?

Every year, twice a year, on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day, most of us take time to remember those who fell victim to war and pay respect to the hardship they suffered in order to secure our freedom. Their service should not go unrecognised. This leads us to the question, if you want to support Australian veterans and their families, who should you donate to?

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Which charity is the best at helping disadvantaged Australians?

Most Australians have benefitted from decades of economic growth and rising average incomes, but some in the community continue to be 'left behind'. Dishearteningly, around 5 per cent of adult Australians are estimated to have experienced deep social exclusion at some time in their life. The Good Cause Co. has evaluated some of Australia’s most well known charities to help you understand who will make the most of your donation to help those in need.

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Which children’s health charity should I donate to?

Australia’s healthcare system is set up to deliver world-class medical treatment to children suffering from serious and chronic illness. However, even with the best treatment, medical intervention will take an emotional toll on not only those affected by the illness, but for those closest to them. Because of this, there are a number of large charities in Australia that provide sick kids and their families with the support  needed to cope with illness.

The Good Cause Co. have evaluated four of Australia’s most recognised children’s health charities to help you decide who to donate to.

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