Which animal charity should I donate to?

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If nothing breaks your heart more than the thought of animals being neglected or abused, you probably want to give money to an animal charity. But who should you give to?

The Good Cause Co. has evaluated some of Australia’s most well known animal charities to help answer this question: Animals Australia, Lort Smith, RSPCA Australia, Humane Society International and PETA Australia.

Which animal charity is the best?

Of this group, we did not see any outstanding animal charities. However, three of the charities we reviewed achieved our ‘Donate’ recommendation: Animals Australia, Humane Society International and Lort Smith. These charities demonstrate they are likely to be trustworthy and effective, but need to provide further information for us to be able to recommend them with confidence.

Dishearteningly, we issued two 'Do not donate' recommendations in the animal category: RSPCA Australia and PETA Australia. None of these charities demonstrate the basic mechanisms we need to see to ensure that funds are used for their purpose.

Of the better animal charities, who should I give to?

There are two approaches that animal charities use to protect and care for animals - advocacy and direct action. To decide which animal charity you should give to, think about how you want your donation spent.

  • Advocacy: convincing the government to change laws and implement policies that offer better animal protection (like banning live exports). Animals Australia and Humane Society International undertake advocacy.

  • Direct action: providing veterinary services to animals in need. Lort Smith are an animal hospital that undertake veterinary care.


Still not sure which charity is right for you? Contact us and we will help guide you in the right direction.


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The Good Cause Co.’s “Should I Give To…” provides independent evaluations of Australia’s largest charities. Our reviews are comprehensive and consider both the trustworthiness and effectiveness of each charity. We update our recommendations annually to ensure we provide relevant advice. We do this to help you feel confident about giving.