Who are Australia’s best and worst charities?

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We often have doubts when giving to charity. How much is actually going to the cause? Are donations used to create a meaningful impact? Or are donations used to just fund salaries and expensive fundraising campaigns?

The Good Cause Co. critically evaluate Australia’s largest and most well recognised charities to help resolve those doubts. We now know which charities are really helping those in need. We also know which charities we should avoid until they show they can do better.

The Best

Below are a list of charities that The Good Cause Co. recommends that you donate to with confidence. These charities are great for two main reasons:

  • They have financial and governance systems in place that demonstrate they can be trusted. They show how they use your money wisely and strategically.

  • They provide evidence that they are improving the lives of their beneficiaries. They are clear about their objectives and monitor their performance. Importantly, they demonstrate a genuine commitment to improving the lives of those they are working with. They systematically evaluate the success of their programs, and use the findings to get better.

The best (in alphabetical order, updated 7 Dec 2018):

The Worst

Below are the charities that The Good Cause Co. recommends that you do not donate to. We think you should avoid these charities because:

  • They have not demonstrated they are trustworthy. It’s not clear how the organisation is run or how funds are managed.

  • They have not demonstrated they are effective. It’s not clear what they are trying to achieve or the results of the activities they are undertaking.

The worst (in alphabetical order, last updated 7 Dec 2018):

The Good Cause Co. have only just started our mission of making it easy to give. We know that there are hundreds of high-performing charities not yet included in our list. If you have any recommendations of charities you would like to be assessed, please contact us. We look forward to making you feel confident about giving.