Should I Give To… 2019

The Good Cause Co.’s search for Australia’s best charities continues

In April 2018, The Good Cause Co. did something that’s never been done before. We analysed Australia’s largest charities and presented donation recommendations to the public. We were unashamedly direct. We highlighted the charities that we thought were great. We also highlighted those charities that we think need to lift their game.

In 2019, we continue on this mission. Over the next two months we will be updating our charity recommendations. Our updated recommendations:

  • are based on the latest information published by the charity – we have undertaken a fresh review of each charity’s latest financial report, annual report, governing documents and data submitted to the ACNC.

  • reflect a refined analytical approach– after analysing 75 charities last year, we’re better at identifying best practice charities. You can read more about what this looks like here

  • include a response from the charity– this year we are giving charities an opportunity to provide a public response to our analysis. Some have taken us up on this offer. [If you are a charity and missed our email, please contact us nowto provide your response].

  • are presented in a new report structure– we have improved our report so that it now contains more detail on important data presented by each charity. You can download a free sample report here

We are growing our charity database

We want to make sure that we assess the charities that are important to you. Is there a charity that you’ve been giving to, but aren’t really sure about? Is there are charity you’re interested in giving to, but need further assurances on? Send your recommendations here.

We will add your charity to our database of charities. If it meets our criteria for public evaluation, we will review it and add it to the website.

We are making an impact

Some stats demonstrate that we are making an impact. As of 12 April 2019:

  • we are #1 on Google for “best Australian charities” or similar

  • we are averaging 43,000 impressions per month on Google

  • we are averaging >3,000 unique visitors to our website per month

 This is our baseline. We will monitor these metrics over time and share them with you so you can be part of our journey. We believe that demand for independent advice for giving to charities will only grow as we all seek to gain more meaning from our lives.

Thank you for supporting The Good Cause Co. and our mission

We are doing this because we want you to give to high performing charities; those that are using donations to make a real difference. We also want charities to show they are delivering on their mission. There are too many charities earning too much money without providing benefits to those they claim to serve. 

We work hard to present high quality, independent reviews of large Australian charities that are seeking donations. Thank you for joining us as we start our journey in helping you to give with confidence.