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Want to give back? Let us help.

To book a consultation, click on the links below, phone us on (03) 8374 7641 or email

Improve your impact

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What do you want to achieve from giving to charity? We will work with you to bridge the gap between your current giving practices and your desired impact. 60 minute consultation $220.

The charity for me

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Which charity will help you achieve your giving goals? We will present you with a curated shortlist of high impact charities that deliver on your values. 60 minute consultation + 2 page report $820.

Workshop: Increase your wellbeing through giving

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How can thoughtful giving improve wellbeing? We will work with your group and present practical strategies on how giving can lead to a more fulfilled and meaningful life. 2 hour workshop $1,020.


Which charities do you consider in your The Charity for Me recommendations?

  • Our search is extensive. It includes charities on our “Should I Give To…” list, up-and-coming local charities that are supported by Australian philanthropists, ACNC’s database of 50,000 charities as well as highly recognised charities from across the globe.

  • We undertake due diligence on relevant charities and recommend only those charities that meet our quality standard.

I already give to some charities but want to give to more. Which service is appropriate for me?

  • If you want a list of specific charities that meet your goals, choose The Charity for Me service.

  • If you want general advice on the types of charities that will meet your goals, choose the Improve Your Impact service.

Do I have to book in through the Calendly link?

  • We like Calendly because there is no back and forth, but if it doesn’t work for you, phone us on (03) 8374 7641 to book an appointment.

Where do you hold workshops?

  • We are based in Melbourne. We hold workshops anywhere in Melbourne in your preferred space (office/cafe/shared workspace/home).

  • If you would like a workshop in another town or city, we can travel to you, noting that we will charge for travel expenses.

I want to start a foundation. Can you help?

  • It would be our pleasure. There are a number of different approaches to setting up a foundation. The approach you adopt will have significant implications on the types of charities you can give to and the amount of money that you can give. We provide general advice on what to consider when starting a foundation and how to get started. Book in an Improve Your Impact service to discuss further.