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This evaluation was conducted in 2018. The Good Cause Co. discontinued evaluations of Mercy Health in 2019.

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WHO ARE Mercy Health Foundation?

Mercy Health offer acute and subacute hospital care, aged care, mental health programs, specialist women’s healthcare, early parenting services, palliative care, home and community care, and training and development for staff. They also undertake research across a range of clinical areas and education activities.

Mercy Health Foundation are a public trust whose purpose is to “support Mercy Health by providing funds to advance care and improve life outcomes for people in need”.


Mercy Health Foundation have a mission to “build an enduring capacity and passion to serve people with special needs”.


Mercy Health Foundation provides financial support to the following programs delivered by Mercy Health:

  • Mercy Health Home and Community Care - supporting people who need care to stay comfortably at home.

  • Mercy Perinatal - an international centre specialising in perinatal education, research and clinical practice designed to bring more mothers and babies safely home together.

  • Breastmilk Bank - providing sick and premature babies in Victoria with access to vital donated breastmilk when their own mother is having difficulty with supply.

  • The Aged Care Collaborative Research Initiative – conducting research that supports residents of aged care homes to experience the best day possible.

  • Local Improvements – providing facilities (like playgrounds, gardens and equipment) designed to positively impact on the experiences of patients, residents and families within health, aged and community care.

  • Imagine Fund – supporting aged care residents to achieve something they’ve always dreamed of, which was otherwise not possible.

  • Compassionate Support Fund - supporting residents, clients, patients and their families who are experiencing financial and social disadvantage.

  • The Emergency Accommodation and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit program – providing families with accommodation through their experience of having a baby in intensive care.

  • Scholarships – supporting staff in pursuit of careers in health, aged and community care.

  • Urgent Need – supporting palliative care patients, residents, their families and loved ones, to provide comfort as people approach the end of life.

  • Sheila Handbury Chair of Maternal Fetal Medicine Fund – supporting the advancement of maternal fetal medicine advocacy and clinical practice.


Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission



Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission


SHOULD I DONATE TO Mercy Health Foundation?

Mercy Health Foundation are a legally registered charity with deductible gift recipient status. They describe their board and the types of projects they donate to.

However, there are gaps in Mercy Health Foundation’s reporting that makes it difficult to verify that they do what they say they do. Their published financial report is only bare bones – it does not disclose the programs they are funding or any achievements of the foundation.

In addition, Mercy Health Foundation do not present any assurances that they monitor and control conflicts of interest. Instead, the Trust Deed is written in a way that permits financial decisions to be made by those with a vested interest.

Finally, Mercy Health Foundation do not provide any information to demonstrate they are effective. While they list the different programs that they might fund, it is unclear what they actually fund, what their strategy for funding is, what their results are, and how (or if) they evaluate their performance.

After considering Mercy Health Foundation’s published information, we are unable to recommend donating to them. They do not present basic information that demonstrates that they are trustworthy or effective.

In order to improve our recommendation for Mercy Health Foundation, we need to see:

  • A strategy that shows what the foundation aims to achieve and how they aim to achieve it;

  • A list of programs that are funded by the foundation each year and the results of these programs; and

  • The policies that are used to manage conflicts of interest.


We have looked into the finances, operations and results of Mercy Health Foundation and present our evaluation in a report that you can download now. This evaluation shows you how your donation is spent, who is running the organisation and if there are any potential conflicts of interest. It also looks into whether the charity can demonstrate they are delivering meaningful results. Finally, it contains our recommendation on if you should donate to them and why.

Download our complete evaluation of Mercy Health Foundation below to find out if they're the charity for you.

Review of Mercy Health Foundation (2018)

Find out whether Mercy Health Foundation is the charity for you. In this evaluation we describe what this charity does and why, what you should know about them, how your money is spent, who is running the organisation and whether they deliver results. Last of all, we recommend whether you should donate to them based on our evaluation. 

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