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WHO ARE Aussie Helpers?

Aussie Helpers work to help farmers suffering from loss and heartache. The organisation “stays in touch with 100’s [sic] of farming families to ensure their well being [sic] and survival through good and bad times.”


 Their long term objectives are to:

  • assist rural communities in Australia affected by natural disasters;

  • ensure aged pensioners in rural communities have sufficient access to living necessities;

  • reduce the number of suicides in rural communities; and

  • provide ongoing farm training to help fill the skill shortage on farming businesses.


They provide support to farmers with other necessities like hay, farming supplies and other services.


Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission



Source: Aussie Helpers Annual Report for the Financial Year Ended 30 June 2017

Source: Aussie Helpers Annual Report for the Financial Year Ended 30 June 2017


SHOULD I DONATE TO Aussie Helpers?

Aussie Helpers are a legally registered charity with deductible gift recipient status. They list who is on their board and how they are governed.

However, there are gaps in Aussie Helpers’s reporting that makes it difficult to understand what they are doing or how they operate. There are a number of major concerns. Firstly, they are sitting on over $6.2 million in cash and cash equivalents with no explanation of how (or even if) they intend to use this money. Secondly, of the $2.3 million collected in donations in the last financial year, only $191,590 was distributed as grants or assistance. Again, no explanation was provided for why such a small proportion (8%) of donation money was used for its intended purpose. Thirdly, they do not outline how they manage conflicts of interest to ensure funds are not used to benefit those controlling the organisation. Finally, Aussie Helpers do not provide any information to demonstrate they are effective. While they broadly describe some of the different activities that they undertake, it is not clear what they have actually achieved. It is also unclear what their strategy is, what their results are, and how (or if) they evaluate their performance.

After considering Aussie Helpers’ published information, we are unable to recommend donating to them. They do not present basic information that demonstrates they are trustworthy or effective.

In order to improve our confidence with Aussie Helpers, at a bare minimum we would like to see:

  • an explanation of how they plan on using over $6.2 million in cash to benefit their beneficiaries;

  • an explanation for why only 8% of donations collected in the last financial year were distributed as grants or assistance;

  • more on how they manage conflicts of interest; and

  • clarity about their strategy, the activities they have undertaken and their results.


We have looked into the finances, operations and results of Aussie Helpers and present our evaluation in a report that you can download now. This evaluation shows you how your donation is spent, who is running the organisation and if there are any potential conflicts of interest. It also looks into whether the charity can demonstrate they are delivering meaningful results. Finally, it contains our recommendation on if you should donate to them and why.

Download our complete evaluation of Aussie Helpers below to find out if they're the charity for you.

Aussie Helpers

Find out whether Aussie Helpers is the charity for you. In this evaluation we describe what this charity does and why, what you should know about them, how your money is spent, who is running the organisation and whether they deliver results. Last of all, we recommend whether you should donate to them based on our evaluation. 

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