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WHO ARE Humane Society International?

Humane Society International are an advocacy organisation who seek to protect animals and conserve their environment. They undertake campaigns both in Australia and internationally. 


 Their mission is to “create an ecologically sustainable and humane world for all animals and their environments.”


Humane Society International undertake education, advocacy and empowerment in order to “forge a comprehensive change in human behaviour, protecting all wildlife and their habitats.”

Humane Society International Australia has a particular emphasis on the following areas:

  • national and international biodiversity policy and implementation to protect habitats critical to the survival of many native species;

  • climate change, and the protection of "carbon sinks" such as rainforests and areas of high biodiversity value;

  • habitat protection in Australia with the Wildlife Land Trust, a not-for-profit network of wildlife sanctuaries around Australia;

  • the 'Humane Choice' food label to improve the lives of farm animals and address the unsustainable practice of intensive farming;

  • disaster relief support in developing countries to rescue stricken and abandoned animals;

  • Extinction Denied NGO grants program for animal protection and environment programs across Asia, Africa and India; and

  • national and international marine campaigns against whaling, as well as seeking greater protection for sharks, turtles, albatrosses and threatened fish species.



Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission



Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission


SHOULD I DONATE TO Humane Society International?

Humane Society International are a legally registered charity with deductible gift recipient status. They describe their mission and activities and are clear about their advocacy achievements.

However, they present only basic indicators of trustworthiness. They name those leading the organisation, but do not describe these individuals or their qualifications, or if/how they are remunerated. Their financial statements give a broad overview of how money is spent, but do not break down how money is directed across different program areas. Given that a significant proportion of their spending is used to finance overseas non-government organisations, specificity is important so we can verify the major beneficiaries of their programs. Finally, and importantly, they do not present their governing document or constitution, nor any policies used to manage conflicts of interest.

Adding to that, Humane Society International demonstrate only basic indicators of effectiveness. While they describe their achievements, it is unclear what their strategy is, what their priority activities are, and how (or if) they evaluate their performance.

After reviewing and considering Humane Society International’s published information, we are unable to recommend donating to them. They do not present basic information that demonstrates that they are trustworthy or effective. In order to improve our confidence with Humane Society International, at a minimum we would like to see:

  • their constitution, or a governing document;

  • descriptions of their board and executive team, and how/if they are remunerated;

  • the latest financial report signed and authorised by the board; and

  • a strategy that guides the organisation.


We have looked into the finances, operations and results of Humane Society International and present our evaluation in a report that you can download now. This evaluation shows you how your donation is spent, who is running the organisation and if there are any potential conflicts of interest. It also looks into whether the charity can demonstrate they are delivering meaningful results. Finally, it contains our recommendation on if you should donate to them and why.

Download our complete evaluation of Humane Society International below to find out if they're the charity for you.

Humane Society International

Find out whether Humane Society International is the charity for you. In this evaluation we describe what this charity does and why, what you should know about them, how your money is spent, who is running the organisation and whether they deliver results. Last of all, we recommend whether you should donate to them based on our evaluation. 

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