Who are CanTeen?

CanTeen provide nation-wide support, development and empowerment of young Australians 12-25 years old who have cancer, have had cancer, or have had an immediate family member with cancer.

Why do they exist?

They state that every year approximately 1000 young people are diagnosed with cancer in Australia. Young people need tailored services because “cancer’s different in a young person’s world.”

What do they do?

CanTeen offer the following services:

  • Counselling and individual support: confidential and completely free counselling services available over the phone, on live chat or via email.
  • Connections with other young people online: forums, blogs and videos allowing young people to connect.
  • Peer support and programs: online communities and CanTeen camps and Recreation Days that give young people space away from the daily pressures of living with cancer.
  • Youth cancer services: a multidisciplinary specialist team of doctors and health professionals who are experienced in treating and caring for young people with a range of different cancers. Services are provided at five lead hospitals linked to a network of more than 25 hospitals across Australia.
  • Books and resources: a variety of resources to inform and educate young people on living with cancer.

How do they earn their money?

Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission


How do they spend their money?

Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission


Should I donate to CanTeen?

CanTeen are a legally registered charity with deductible gift recipient status. They provide some information to demonstrate they are trustworthy: they describe how they are governed, by whom they are governed, and are transparent with their finances. They also show signs they are an effective charity. Research and evaluation is a core focus of their organisation. Their evaluations are of high quality and are peer reviewed. They actively share the results of their evaluations and research for others to learn from. Not only that, they demonstrate how they use findings from their evaluations to improve service delivery. Notably, their beneficiaries are at the heart of decision-making, with young people holding the majority of positions on the board.

However, there are a few additional pieces of information we need to see before having complete confidence in CanTeen. It is not currently clear who makes up the executive team. Who are they and what is their background? We were also unable to identify a guiding strategic plan. Without a strategy it is difficult to understand the future direction of the charity and how they will monitor their own performance.

After considering both the strengths and weaknesses of CanTeen, our recommendation is neutral. They demonstrate some indicators that they are trustworthy, and some indicators that they are effective, but we need further assurances before being able to recommend them with confidence. In order to improve our recommendation, we need to see:

  • more on the executive team (who they are and their background); and
  • an organisational strategy.


We have investigated the finances, operations and results of CanTeen and present our evaluation in a report that you can download now. This evaluation shows you how your donation is spent, who is running the organisation and whether there are any potential conflicts of interest. It also examines whether the charity can demonstrate that they are delivering meaningful results. Finally, it contains our recommendations for potential donors and the reasoning behind them.

Download our complete evaluation of CanTeen below to find out if they're the charity for you.


Find out whether CanTeen is the charity for you. In this evaluation we describe what this charity does and why, what you should know about them, how your money is spent, who is running the organisation and whether they deliver results. Last of all, we recommend whether you should donate to them based on the findings of our analysis.

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